The season at Söderskär starts 20.5. and continues
until 14.9. 2014.

Söderskär (meaning southern rock), formed by rough cliffs and rocky islands, lies in the outer archipelago of Porvoo, against the open sea. It lies 2 hours away from the Helsinki market place, or an hour and a half away from Hiekkajaalanranta harbour.The uniqueness of Söderskär lies within the impressive milieu, but of course also the lighthouse itself.

The lighthouse represents the mysticism of adventure, previous times and extreme circumstances. In their imagination visitors can walk in the footsteps of the past lighthouse workers and pilots.Söderskär calls visitors to enjoy peace and creative athmosphere in the middle of the sea!

At Söderskär you have a great possibility to enjoy a place with your friends or colleagues, where you can relax, take time off from your busy everyday life or maybe celebrate a job well done. The peaceful milieu and the sea create circumstances, in which it’s easy to shake off the dust of the city and give room to your own thoughts and imagination.

Contact: majakka(at)soderskar.fi or phone +358 400 856 544





Söderskär Majakka Oy
Villa Linnais
Kilonrinne 1
02610 ESPOO

Puh. 0400 856 933
Puh. 0400 502 771
Fax. (09) 5915 5252

Puh. 0400 856 933